Our latest collection offers fantastic quality and value for money. Bathrooms, wet-rooms, on suites or cloakrooms. Sanitary ware, baths, showers, modular furniture, taps and all the accessories, whether your choice is a traditional or a more modern look NKBB consistently deliver great results.

Wet Rooms

A Wet-room is a great option for smaller bathrooms that can’t accommodate a traditional shower tray, can look incredibly stylish and are particularly good for those whose movement is restricted. In many cases a glass shower screen is used to separate the “wet area” from the rest of the bathroom


Flexibility is the key to our range of fitted bathroom furniture. NKBB use floor standing cabinets available in an infinite range of colours, to create a continuous run of furniture with the emphasis on maximum storage space and minimum clutter.

Cloakroom & On-Suite

The convenience of being able to hop out of bed and straight into the shower and not having to queue for the bathroom. If you’re in the process of refurbishing your home and considering adding an on suite or shower room, give NKBB a call. Compact showers and basins, short projection toilets means we can fit out even the smallest of spaces.

A private bathroom attached to the master bedroom can significantly increase the re-sale value of your property.